State of Siege – Halat Hisar



The larp will be held on 15th – 17th of November 2013.

The bus to the game will leave from Helsinki at 11:40 on Friday. The game will start at 15:00 at the venue with lunch. The workshops will start after lunch, and continue until 22:00. Participants will sleep at the venue overnight. Participation in the Friday program in its entirety is mandatory to all players. No workshop means no game.

The game itself will start on Saturday around 10:00. Players can eat breakfast before starting the game. The larp will continue thorough the day. The night will be in-game: players sleep in-character.

The game continues on Sunday until 14:00. From 14:00, we will have organized debriefing. The debrief is mandatory for all players: it’s a part of the game. The bus back to Helsinki will leave at 20:00 and reach Helsinki at 23:00.


The game will be played mostly in Finnish and English. It’s probably good to know at least one of these languages.


The sign up for Halat hisar has closed.


The larp will be documented in photos and on video. These materials may be published on the internet and other channels after the game. We will not publish pictures oir video during the game, and in the case of images that could be problematic for the people appearing in them, we ask before we publish.

We would also like to ask the participants to follow the same policy: no photos online during the game, and ask the people appearting in a picture before publishing anything too strange.

Player nationality and languages

The Finns speak Finnish, and the rest of the world, including the occupiers, speak English. Other languages may be used if it makes sense: players of Arabic-speaking human rights activists can speak Arabic between themselves, for example.

If you’re a Finnish participant, you’ll very probably play a Finnish character living under the occupation. If you’re a non-Finnish player, there are several options available for you. Swedish-speakers can play Fenno-Swedish characters, effectively also Finns living under the occupation. Other options available for non-Finnish speakers are foreign journalists, human rights activists, guests at the university, members of the Pan-Nordic resistance and other internationals. Right now, we expect maybe a third of our players to be non-Finnish speakers.


Halat hisar should be fairly easy to prop for most players. Characters are students and faculty at the university, journalists and other normal contemporary people. More exotic costume and prop needs, such as military uniforms, guns and protest signs will be taken care of by the organizers.

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