The Experience

These next few days are a chance to take care of your immortal soul. For some, it’s a joyous occasion. For others, a source of trepidation and worry. Still, you’re all united by your belief in redemption it’s necessity to be granted salvation.

Perhaps you’re a rake and a wastrel, a revolutionary or an aristocrat, an artist or an anarchist, the sect your way to reconcile your natural proclivities with your concern for your soul. Or maybe you’re innocent as the driven snow, deeply worried that this fact will keep you from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

In both cases, you have to sin.

You have a choice of two types of characters: Those who are joining the sect or those who already belong to it. This determines your journey through the larp but it’s also a practical issue. Characters who belong to the sect will have costumes provided by the larp.

The characters of the larp are based on real historical people but your goal is not to portray that person with stifling accuracy. Rather, they’re a template you can use to add verisimilitude to your experience at the larp.

In the early stages of the larp, the newcomers hold their earthly social positions. Dukes are treated as dukes and princesses as princesses. As the larp progresses, they’re inducted into the sect and roles change: They are now initiates, their former roles washed away.

A thematic picture from St. Petersburg. Not from the game location. Photo: Maria Pettersson

Many of the characters already in the sect are members of the lower classes. Their roles in everyday life may be humble but once the newcomers have been inducted, they’re at the top. And in a cult where sin is something to aspire to it’s always okay to explore newfound power.

During the larp, you will participate in the rituals and observances of the sect, designed to help you sin. You will fulfill personal goals, reconcile values and resolve conflicts. You will wallow in moral filth and be reborn.

For the characters, the course of events progresses essentially as they think. Surprises are of a personal nature, not because the broad events of the larp somehow diverge from their assumptions.

As you play, expect versions of religious rituals, degenerate partying and scenes that will test the values of your character. You may witness nudity and simulated sex acts but participation is always voluntary. The larp is designed so that you can always opt out and we will have tools that you can use to calibrate your own experience. These tools will be explained at greater detail before sign up opens.

What Do You Do?

Here are ten things you can do at the larp:

1. Debate the merits of various kinds of sin when it comes to your chances of redemption.

2. Tear off your clothes and writhe in holy ecstasy.

3. Lay out your vision for the next thousand years of Czarist rule and explain why the revolution is impossible.

4. Explore the sins of lust and hate by having sex with your worst enemy.

5. Lose yourself in collective worship.

6. Compete with others over who can sin the most.

7. Help others attain salvation by involving them in novel types of sin.

8. Argue that it’s not enough to sin, that you must enjoy it for it to truly count.

9. Cry tears of joy as you debase your most sacred principles.

10. Throw yourself to the floor and kiss the hem of the robe of a prophet.