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Redemption returns in 2024!

Cover photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen, in-game at run 2 in 2021

(In-game at run 1 in 2021. Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen)

The larp will be run Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th of September, 2024, in Finland. Stay up to date by joining the information Facebook group, here.

Sign up is now open! Sign up here!

Location: Orivesi, Finland

A bus ride to the location will be organized.

(In-game at run 1 in 2021. Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen)

To be redeemed, you must first sin. If your conscience is clean, what is there to forgive?

Redemption is a larp set in 1913, the last days of the Russian Empire. You’re playing nobility, revolutionaries, artists and socialites coming together in the annual celebration of the secret faith you share among the clandestine Followers of Christ’s Faith.

You know deep in your heart that redemption is the highest value of all. For that redemption to mean something, you have to sin. Even if you’re the purest of souls, you know that when you enter afterlife, you must have sinned and sinned until there is truly enough on your soul that redemption means something.

This is the question you’ll wrestle with during the larp, alone and among the faithful: How can I sin so that God’s infinite grace can show it’s true miraculous nature? For some characters, sin comes easy. For others, it’s a struggle. Yet all know it is necessary.


The khlysts who serve as one of the larp’s main sources of inspiration are a real historical sect. The most famous person to draw from their ideas was the monk Rasputin. However, Redemption is not primarily concerned with historical fidelity. Rather, our approach to history is similar to the film The Favourite, the series The Great or the 2006 film Marie Antoinette: The historical milieu makes it possible to explore the larp’s themes of sin and redemption.

The larp is physical and intimate. You’ll be playing with others who have signed up for an experience of sin and redemption. We have made a genuine effort to explore how a communal religious experience is created, although how that feels like is of course up to individual participants.


The larp was originally run twice in 2021 in Finland. You can explore the photo galleries of these two runs here and here.

(In-game at run 2 in 2021. Photo: Kai Simon Fredriksen)