Team and Contact


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Concept and characters: Maria Pettersson

Creative lead: Juhana Pettersson

Producer: Massi Hannula

Audio design: Anni Tolvanen

Scenography: Nino Hynninen

Kitchen: Emma Uronen, Emi Maeda and Annika Ihatsu

Documentation: Kai Simon Fredriksen

Maria Pettersson is a journalist and a larp designer. Her larps include Halat hisar and Parliament of Shadows. She’s the editor-in-chief of the paper Journalisti and a bestselling author.

Juhana Pettersson is a writer and larp designer. His larps include Luminescence, Halat hisar, End of the Line, Parliament of Shadows, Enlightenment in Blood and Tuhannen viillon kuolema. He has published twelve books.

Massi Hannula is a larp and event producer. She was lead producer on the larp Tuhannen viillon kuolema, a two-time Solmukohta lead organizer and an editor-in-chief at the roleplaying and larp media LOKI.

A thematic picture from St. Petersburg. Not from the game location. Photo: Maria Pettersson