Preparation Checklist

This is a guide to how to prepare for the larp. It contains everything you need to do.

Travel Arrangements

Consider the following when making your travel arrangements:

– Do you have enough time to get from the airport or other mode of transport to the bus to the larp, if you’re coming by that? Do you have enough time to make it to the airport or other mode of transport after the larp?

– Have you checked the COVID rules for travel from your country to Finland? In all likelihood, you need proof of vaccination, but make sure to check yourself.

What to Pack?

Here’s what you need to pack:

– What you need for travel (documents, Corona pass, vaccine/test certificates, make sure to check that you have the right papers as they may vary by country and airline).

– Bed linen/sheets: a pillowcase, a bedsheet and a cover for the duvet. Let us know if you cannot bring these. The location has a bed for you with a pillow and a duvet.

– A towel.

– Your own medication.

– Your costume and props.

– Charger and possibly an adapter.

– Snacks if you want to bring some. There is a fridge in the in-game house for players to use. There is no supermarket nearby. The larp’s menu is available in the Facebook group.

What to Read?

Here’s what you need to read:

– The spreadsheet which tells you which character you’re playing and who else is playing in this larp. You can find the link to the spreadsheet in your run’s Facebook group and your email.

– Your character. You have received the link to all characters in Google Drive in your email. You can also find them here.

– The group descriptions, here.

– Description of the Followers of Christ’s Faith, here.

– What sin means in this larp, here.

– What happens in the larp, here.

– You can also optionally prepare by reading about St Petersburg and the world of the larp. This is especially useful to have topics of conversation. These texts are collected here.

– You can read more about the practical arrangements of the larp here.

What to Do?

Here’s what you need to do before the larp.

– Make sure you have joined your run’s Facebook group. The links are in your email.

– Introduce your character in the Facebook group of your run.

– Contact the players who your character has relationships with. In your character, the descriptions of these individual relationships contain questions that you can answer together.

– Prepare your costume. Details about costumes in this larp are available here.


If you’ve made your way to the end, you’re fully prepared. Let’s make a great larp together!